Artnovion Douro Diffuser - 6 Stck. in der Farbe Marron (natur) (6 Farben)

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 Artnovion Douro Diffuser


A wave shaped premium panel.
Douro Diffuser is a product designed to provide maximum uniformity to the ambient sound field through high frequency diffusion while the solid wood construction of the unit limits the amount of sound energy that is lost to absorption. The Wave shaped pattern that resembles a tile, guarantees a good diffusion spread. The scattering begins at 400 Hz and offers effective and even diffusion up to 5000 Hz. The premium material used in the manufacturing of this product comes available in 6 colours, matching your preferences and the patterns of your room. Douro can be used on the front, back, or side walls of your room, as well as ceilings.

Acoustic performance:

Scattering range | 



Dim. | 595x595x81mm

Weight | 2,25 Kg*

Units per box | 6

Box Weight | 16,35 Kg*


Installation - Mechanical

Packing Dimensions - 640x385x640mm

Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Condition new
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