Artnovion Arvon Diffuser - 2 Stck. in der Farbe Noir (lackiert) (4 Farben)

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 Artnovion Arvon Diffuser


An exquisite diffuser with furniture grade quality.
Arvon W Diffuser begins scattering at 900 Hz and goes up to 6000 Hz, providing a more uniform sound field through mid and high frequency diffusion. Made of wood from a sustainable source, and available in 4 colours, Arvon has a furniture grade quality, becoming an exquisite diffuser that will fit nicely in your home cinema or living room. Optimised through an Artnovion patented technique, you can carry 2 units per box by clicking them into each other, and fitting them together as a single unit.

 Acoustic performance:

Scattering range | 



Dim. | 595x595x78mm

Weight | 9,55 Kg*

Units per box | 2

Box Weight | 20,65 Kg*


Installation - Mechanical

Packing Dimensions - 640x385x320mm

Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Condition new
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